[urq] No hot start (fixed)

Justin Riley jriley at ctiusa.com
Thu Jul 28 12:35:22 EDT 2005

The ECU is grounded (in my car) to the intake manifold.  That is why the extra grounding strips from th front and rear of the valve cover are so important to have in place, as well as the motor mount (left Side) strap.
Hope that helps...
See ya at UPG CT...!


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Grrrreeeaat !!! Bravo !

That's good news, a cheap, albeit not-so-easy-to-diagnose fix.

About the voltage, and knowing our early cars are not very well served in
that department (understatement...), you must have a good 12+... and good
ground !
I tell you that because no latter than last week, the blinkers were not
working correctly. After much dismounting and cleaning of the 12+
connectors, the solution was, tadam !, the grounding points under the dash
! You know, the metallic crowns that are bolted to the kick panels, near
the fusebox and ECU ? Well mine were kinda oxydized, maily because I sanded
the cool zinc-coating to improve the metal-to-metal contact. Silly me.  Now
a glob of dielectric grease prevent any further unwanted chemical reaction.
I suggest you go over these grounding points, and any other that might need

I will try to list the one I know, hoping the list will complete my
(limited) knowledge. Bentley list them all, but the exact location is
no-so-exact... Anybody knows where the ECU is grounded ?

1- (2x) Crown posts near the fuse box
2- Crown post near the ECU
3- Top of the intake manifold, at the back
4- Post on the coil bracket
5- Driver side engine mount to body under the coolant reservoir
6- Battery negative cable to body
7- Top of the trunk
8- ??????
9- ??????
10- ??????

Once this list will be completed, it would be a good addendum to the
knowledgebase, I guess.


> Guess I've got good voltage again where it needs to be.
> Nathan Engelbert
> 83 UrQ DA900453

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