[urq] Urq paint job update

Gary Brown gmbchef at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 30 12:38:05 EDT 2005

There is none. It was promised to me by May 17th, then by the end of June so
I could show it to Dean Treadway at LRP July 4th weekend, not I told him I
need it by August 14th for UPG. As of now, I have paid for the paint
stripping ($1100), materials ($500) and some labor($300). I may have to go
get it and drag it out of his shop the way it sits and demand the $800 back
that I have given to the body shop. Does this sound fair to you guys? How to
I get him to get it done by the date HE promised it? I'm worried it will be
in there too long and parts will be lost or broken.He KNOWS about the UPG
meet on 8-27, and has said he will have it ready, but I am etremely doubtful
and even more disappointed! I told him I was getting frustrated and I don't
want to explode on him, and all he can say is "I f****d up!"

Any advice??


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