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I'll check the two different diagrams I have to see, but AFAIK, there is no
starter lockout.  Basically AFAIK the Ignition supplies power directly to
the ECU and FP relay triggered from ECU/Hall.  I'll see if there is
something relevant, but I think the relays above the glove are for Air
Conditioner/not engine related.

Great Time at UPG!  I'm glad I forced myself to go - Blew off a wedding and
class reunion for this, and it was the day before my daughters birthday
party with uncut grass and 30 kids due Sunday, but I went anyway.  I could
have definately stayed through the next day and it was great fun seeing and
talking about all the variations on the different Audis incl. the largest
number of UrQ's in one spot on the East Coast I've seen and some very cool
cars.  Glad I had my priorities straight for once!

Hope to do it again next year!


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Carlisle and MOT
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Early build 83's I was wondering what relays go to what in the glove box.
Coming home from Carlise the Urq preformed execptionally. After seven hours
of striaght driving from VA to MA I stopped to get a coffee at a D&D a mile
up the street from my house. I shut the car down go in, get coffee and then
start the car up. At first the key seemed stuck then it fired right up. I
noticed the temp idiot light is blinking off and on at the same time there
is a "click" coming from the glove box. Also no longer have windows, wipers
and my headlight problem is back: city lights all the time and highbeams
only engage when you pull back for passing lights, they will not stay on
high beam. As I pull the highbeam lever back the blinking temp light goes
out. I pulled the "clicking" relay out and the blinking overheat light goes
away. Curious on what relays are in the glovebox? What are they from Left to
right? Looks like there are three of them. I talked to my mech and said it
might be the lock-out,
 which could explain the sticky key issue.

Carlisle: For those of you that missed the Carlisle GTG, We are deffinately
doing it next year. Lotta fun, great people and some awesome Audis. From a
pair of early 60's DWKs all the way up to the new A3 were represented. I
don't ever remember seeing a NSU TT in person and there were 7 at Carlisle.
10 Urqs like 30+ 4000's hand full of CGT's couple of Urs4's and one 5000 and
one 200. Definate good time and start planning for the trip next year so we
can beat the SAAB club out of their "most Imports to show up" Title.

UPG at MOT: There has been some buzz about another UPG GTG event before the
private one at Bethany, CT. I think the Museum of Transportation's "Father's
Day All german Car show" could be the one to go to. If you like classic and
historic German cars, this would be the show. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Opel,
VW and Audi (actually, if none of us showed up, i don't think there wouldn't
be any Audis except for a handful of TT's and a 5000) are all represented.]

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