[urq] Non-Audi Spyware Problems

CARDCONSYS at aol.com CARDCONSYS at aol.com
Wed Jun 1 18:09:19 EDT 2005

       Please excuse the non Audi content but I know some list members are IT 
professionals and none of my local contacts have been able to help. 
Someone using one of our computers (XP and AOL) picked up something which we 
have been unable to eliminate with Adaware or Spybot. Everytime it boots up we 
get the desktop message below(verbatim with mistakes) and Internet Explorer 
gets cut-off frequently. Any one recognise it?

                               Security warning
       A fatal error in IE has occurred at 0028:C0011E36 in VXD VMM(01) +
       00010E36. Error was caused by Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c

       * System can not function in normal mode.
         Please check you security settings.

       * Scan your PC with any avaliable antivirus / spyware remover
         program to fix the problem.

       Martin Dapot

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