[urq] Wheel restoration

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Jun 2 15:55:16 EDT 2005

I just had my R8's refinished recently (2 weeks ago) so I'll pass on what I 
was told by Spec Wheels of America.  Now, keep in mind, of course, the Fuchs 
are forged whereas the Ronals are not...In my case they welded up a bead to 
restore the curb rash areas.  But I do wonder if they can do this on Fuchs 
wheel...  I asked them about repainting Fuchs also, and they said _they_ 
cannot do a two -tone like a painted and polished wheel - unless it's a 2 
piece wheel.  Had to be one or the other.  The Fuch is, I believe, supposed 
to have painted and polished areas.  As for a cost datapoint - standard 
price was $99/wheel - but extra for painting the whole wheel instead of the 
face only, and extra for a non-stock color.

HTH a little


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You'll all have to forgive my ignorance, but can someone give me some
basics on what it takes to make wheels look nice again?  A guy on
Audifans is selling some Fuchs that have some curb rash, a few
scratches on the faces but look good otherwise.  Is curb rash
repairable?  How do you repair an aluminum rim?

I ask because I'm tired of rolling around with these terrible 16" 5
spokes I've got on my car and I much prefer the look of the Urq with
the Fuchs on it.
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