[urq] Speedo Accuracy

W. Bremer wbremer at maine.rr.com
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According to some articles dating back to 1983, the ratio of rpm to speed in
fifth gear was 1000 rpm = 23.3 (andother sourse said 23.5) mph.  So 3000 rpm
in 5th is essentially 70 mph with stock 205/60x15 tires in new condition.
My 82 with 44 K original miles reads about 75 at 3,000 rpm.

So, FWIW, 1000 rpm in 5th is 23.5 mph; 2000 rpm in 5th is 47 mph, etc.

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Data point here - I had the chance recently to drive by ( a couple times)
one of those neighborhood radar signs - you know - that tell you how fast
you are going - an appeal to your conscience..)  anyway I kept the speedo
right at 30 and got a readout of 27 on the radar sign - a couple times.
This is with new (3000 miles?) Dunlop SP 8000 225/50 15 on 8 x 15's.  Now if
I can just remember to keep the speedo at about 82 when I want to go 75.
I'm assuming it won't always be 3 off - but it will be about 6 off at 60 and
so on...anyone know different?

FWIW my A4 was right on.


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