[urq] WoT 2-Way Valve sticking

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Mon Jun 20 07:14:47 EDT 2005

Thanks Jim,

I only measure 12V at the valve connector when ignition is on AND the 
WoT-switch is activated.
This is the opposite of what you say. It doesn't make sense to design a WoT 
enrichment-valve-system which switches defaults to WoT at 0V and therefor 
needs 12V for normal operation and needs a WoT-switch again to cut power so 
it switches back to WoT operation?!
Are you 100% sure it's not the other way round?

If the valve defaults to B+C (WoT) with no power and switches to A+B 
(normal) when 12V is applied, this means my valve is not sticking but fails 
to operate. Could I accidentally swapped the terminal connectors at the WoT 
switch and this has reversed the switch operation?

And no, I can not operate the valve with an external power source.

Thanks again


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B+C is the WOT position.
With the ignition off - the valve is normally in this position. When you
switch on the ignition, power is applied to the valve and it switches to
A+B. When the WOT switch is activated, the valve should switch to B+C.

You either have no power going to the valve with ignition on, or the valve
has failed.
The power to the valve goes through the WOT switch which is a normally
closed switch.
A valve stuck in B+C is normal failure mode for the WOT switch, valve,
wiring loom or power supply.

Can you measure 12V at the valve connector with ignition on? This should
fall to 0V when operating the WOT switch.
Can you make the valve operate with an external power source?

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Subject: [urq] WoT 2-Way Valve sticking

My WoT 2-way valve on the firwall is sticking but do not know in what
position: WoT or normal.

B _|

When the WoT switch is pressed, the valve switch opens A+C, A+B or B+C ?
it's now sticking at B+C.



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