[urq] Leaky oil cap

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
Tue Jun 21 10:21:46 EDT 2005

Only because I experienced the same do I understand what Andrew is
explaining-oil is leaking from the head/valve cover in such a way that it is
being blown back up onto the top of the valve cover.  Gravity then pulls it
down onto the IM and by the oil/coolant lines to/from the turbo.  The oil
does not tend to leak over to the left hand side and onto the spark-plug
side of the head due to the orientation of the motor.


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... there is one other thing to look for ... the cork setup has valve cover
studs with shoulders to establish the proper spacing between the VC and
head.  Most of the rubber parts have built in spacers that look like
washers.  These spacers will stack on top of the shoulders, so the spacing
between the VC and gasket is too much and leaking occurs.  If you have this
situation you will very likely get oil leaking at the seam.  You need to
switch to the appropriate studs if you have this situation ... 

... am I the only one who does not understand the " I don't understand how
it's only on one side of the engine, and not the other" question?

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> A new rubber gasket should make a perfectly good seal.  The only
problem with
> the rubber
> ones is that they're more 'slippery.'  In practice, this means they're
> likely to slip
> out of place if they're overtightened, especially if you've used some
> gasket
> sealer (ask me how I know!).  If you're stumped, it might be worth
> look.
> #2, when I swapped my head, I used a replacement gasket set which 
> included a rubber valve cover gasket, like this:
> 44&parttype=107&ptset=A
> Would a cork one make a better seal?
> I don't understand how it's only on one side of the engine, and not 
> the other....

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