[urq] Clutch hose - bypass the hard part?

spot.ontheroad spot.ontheroad at virgin.net
Thu Jun 23 02:36:29 EDT 2005

I had the same trouble. S/C needed replacing. Flexi hose looked dodgy so 
decided to changed. However P/O had rounded the connector on the rigid pipe. 
Rigid pipe from Audi = £130plusVAT. I had a S/S braided flexi pipe made 
specially by Braided Steel (agents for Earls in UK). cost £33.00 and easy to 
fit. Make sure you get a fitting that allows a tuight turn out of the M/C. 
Unfortunately it is all buried now otherwise I would measure and photo. 
Lucky for me I had a spare but damaged rigid pipe from a Coupe quattro as a 
pattern for length etc.
The bottom line is it can be done and saves a lot of effort getting a rigid 
pipe to fit.
Good luck


'87 WR

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> Here's my thought for the day...my clutch hyd. hose needs replacing and
> appears unwilling to come undone from the hard line coming down from the
> M/C. That nice pliable 12mm hex fitting on the hard line is a few breaths
> from rounding off completely. Has anybody just had a hose fabbed up that
> went directly from the m/c to the s/c? I can probably come up with both 
> hose
> ends....
> Thoughts?
> TIA,
> Jon
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