[urq] I5 Mystery Head

daniel dornseif skwpilot at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 23:15:28 EDT 2005

I have obtained a head which was originally thought to be a direct replacement for a WX head.  Subsequently, upon further inspection, the interface with the distributor is way different.  It appears that the shaft on the distributor would have to be about 1 inch shorter, and the grind of the gears is more coarse.  It does, however, have solid lifters, but the #4 bearing is also longer than the WX.  A WX cam will not fit in this head.  The casting number on the side is: 035-103-373C.  The questions are: 1. What engine code/model of Audi would this have come from?
2. Would this work with a WX bottom end, WX CIS, and is there a short shaft distributor which will work with this setup?
Thanks in advance for any info!
Dan Dornseif
83 Urquattro #445

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