[urq] sport quattro hood

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Fri Jun 24 14:10:07 EDT 2005

 From past experience with these kinds of projects, I was skeptical from 
start, but I thought worst case I lose $150.  I still haven't written it 

I did hedge my bet however.  I went in on an SGI hood to use to make a 
mold for a carbon fiber or fiberglass hoods.  We chose the SGI hood as 
it has the provision for the Sport airbox intake, and, from what I have 
heard from German friends, a better support structure than the KER 
Innovatec hoods that supposedly can resonate and crack at high speed.   
We knew that the SGI hood would need a fair amount of work to make it 
suitable to pull a mold from, and I can confirm that the build quality 
was not great, although it looks like their mold is good.  So, now the 
hood is at an excellent body shop in IL being fitted on an ur q.  The 
plan is to get it perfect, then send it to a company that has a proven 
track record of building quality CF parts.  Fiber Images is one of the 
shops being considered.  If you have seen any of their hoods, you would 
be very impressed.

No, there is no time frame for when or if any CF hoods will be available 
or pricing.  If it happens, I will let the list know once the mold is 
done, and production is ready.  As for pricing, they made some B4 80/90 
hoods for around $600.  My guess is that these hoods may be more because 
of the added complexity, but I have no idea as to how much.   If Dave B. 
comes through with a quality product, this likely would all get 
cancelled.   Come on Dave, we would love to see it work out...


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