Subject: [urq] Sport Quattro Brakes, Issue 32

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at
Mon Jun 27 11:21:43 EDT 2005

I think Martin Pajak put a set on the front of one of his Urqs as
well.  I know Lockheed made the actual parts.  IIRC correctly, the
calipers bolt right up, it's the rotors that need modification to make
them work.

A couple of Brits figured out how to fit a pair of Porsche 944S2
calipers under 15" wheels too, I think they had to use SQ rotors with
some minor mods as well.

On 6/27/05, Doug Macy <dmacy1 at> wrote:
> I recall that Huw Powell installed SQ brakes...
> check
> Subject: [urq] Sport Quattro Brakes
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> I've been diving through the archives and can't seem to find anything on
> the Sport Quattro brake setups.
> I'm getting along on my conversion of the AAN into the UrQ. I'm happy
> for track days with going to a 993tt setup, have found some 993tt
> calipers and rotors at really good prices, brackets and hats aren't a
> problem, and I have 3 sets of 17" wheels I can use. Although seeing the
> 15 x 8 Ronals sitting in the corner of the garage kinda makes me think
> about looking at the SQ setup. Plus I found some cheap Hooiser Rains for
> $400 of the set (brand new 205/50-15s).
> Who has experience with the setup, where can I get pricing, what do I
> have to do to make it fit?
> Jack Walker
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