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Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 18:24:25 EST 2005

As soon as I get my tax return back from the IRS that's what I'm doing
to my car.  Javad (the guy who's responsible for the system) knows a
hell of a lot about engines, particularly turbo-charged ones, and
particularly Audi inline-5 turbo-charged ones.  I got my hands on a
demo version of the ECU software, and I'm sold.

The idea of having all that space that is currently taken up by the
airbox, metering head, multitudinous hoses, frequency valve, etc. open
and free to work with (can we say SS tube header?  How about Garrett
T3/T4 turbo?) is enough for me, that I can get better performance, an
idle controller, intergrated spark (and eventually coil-pack ignition)
and use a wideband 02 sensor is just icing on the cake.  I fully
expect it to be the best money I've spent on the car so far.

A couple of guys with converted MCs have web pages up about the
conversion process, it really doesn't seem like it'll be that bad,
running all the wires looks like the most difficult part.  I do not
have the cash to go straight to coil packs, so I'll have to put a
distributor from a normally aspirated I5 in mine, the ECU needs a
5-window to do the timing correctly.  I'm figuring a weeks worth of
nights to get it all done.

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005 15:46:18 -0700, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
> Very cool.  If I hadn't already done the 20V swap I'm sure I would have done
> the 034 EFI.  A great way to rid yourself of all the CIS frustrations and
> not go through nearly als much trouble as a 20V swap - lot a cheaper too I'm
> sure...
> Almost makes me want to get another urq and keep it 10V but w/ EFI...almost.
> Keep us posted on your efi conversion when it comes time.  I can't believe
> more people haven't done it...
> Brandon
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> >>Guys-
> >>I saw over on Motorgeek.com a brief post from one of our guys - Brady
> >>Moffat.  I see you did Javad's 034 EFI  on your car.
> >>
> >>I'm fascinated by the EFI converion for the 10V - so what are your
> >>thoughts on the set up?  Cost? Time?  Results?
> >>
> >>just real curious....
> >>
> >>Brandon
> >>'84 ur w/ motronic
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> >
> > Hi Brandon,
> >
> > Al Keene just did an 034efi install on his '83 urq.  He says driving it is
> > better than sex!  Wonder how he really feels ;^)  Implementation is pretty
> > easy, tuning even easier.  He's not running DIS yet, but that's just a
> > software update.  After the fuel leaks were fixed, it started on the first
> > try.  He's running a MC-1 engine with custom pistons, maybe 8.0:1 cr.  199
> > WHP at only 12 psi boost.
> >
> > Initial costs are only holdback, the ecu costs about a grand.  If you want
> > to roll your own, see the Mega Squirt EFI.  You build it for about $200 in
> > parts.
> >
> > Of course you've seen Javad's 20V engine-455 WHP at 30 psi-what a monster.
> > His shop is about 500 feet from my office, maybe because the ATP dyno he
> > runs on is just 3 blocks away.
> >
> > I'm going EFI myself as soon as I get the right engine (shooting for a
> > MC-2 block and its 8.4:1 cr).
> >
> > Tony
> >
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