[urq] Sport Quattro Grille

Patrick Miller patrick3 at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 2 10:07:20 EST 2005

Trying to gauge serious interest for a repro SQ grille, should it become available.  Rich is first in line, but I wanted to find out if there was other interest.  

Basically, it boils down to this...I've provided my extant copy to make a mold.  The company doing this is EuroSport Rally, out of NYC.  Andrew and his father own the shop and are avid rally racers in N.A., and have proven themselves(to me, at least), to be excellent fabricators and all-around good guys.  They are making a mold/copy for themselves and a couple for me so I'll have extree if something cataclysmic(heaven forbid), should occur to my current unit.  The opportunity exists for cost-effective pieces to be produced for those interested, IF there is enough interest.  Price is YTBT, from what I understand, so I can't really comment.  Andrew can be reached at info at eurosportrally.com , and I'm sure he can answer any questions you might have about the process/cost.  Andrew is using wet layup with epoxy resin on the SQ hoods that he and Ben Abraham have produced(which, by the way, fit stock UrQ's and the itty bitty fenders/grille), so I imagine the process will be similar with the grille.  Ask him about the hoods if you're interested, as well.  They are VERY high quality from what I have seen, are two-piece(top and bottom glued/epoxied together), and each section is made from 3 layers of fiberglass.  Hood comes primed and ready to paint, and is in the neighborhood of $1300, IIRC.  Grille inserts are not included, but Andrew can source them or you can make your own. I stand to gain nothing from this, except helping out a friend, FWIW.  Just sharing my enthusiasm.  :-)

FWIW, I've inquired about alternative construction material(Cabon Fiber), and I encourage those interested to do the same w/r/t the grille, and possibly the hood.  The existing FG molds can be used, and I would prefer the stronger material, personally.  If enough interest is there, I think he would do it on a larger scale.


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