[urq] Possibly 1 less URQ

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Sun Mar 20 20:03:13 EST 2005

The question is, is the car worth saving.. only the owner will know it, at
least in their heart.

I have a spare non-sunroof roof kicking around and I think it's black.. ;)

Martin Pajak


1983 Audi Ur-quattro (305,000 km) In storage
1985 Audi Ur-quattro (203,000 km) Euro spec. import mit 3B ;o)
1986 Audi 4000s quattro (270,000 km) winter car
1971 Porsche 911T (45,000 mi) all original

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I've seen much worse make it back onto the road. From the pics I can't see
any sill (rocker cover) damage but the angle of the door suggests that the
bottom of the A pillar has been pushed a little. As long as the underlying
conition of the car is sound then pulling it back won't be a big job. Door
can be sourced from any other type 85 coupe, a batch of front wings (fender)
have just been produced by Audi, the only real problem is the roof - the
kink is just where the inner brace runs across the car, so if another coupe
donates a door it might be an idea to take the roof too just in case.


Jim Haseltine

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> Dennis,
> Are these the pics of your car?
> http://www.quattro123.com/UrQphotos.htm
> At a minimum (of course) would be fender and driver's door.  Insurance
> would
> have to have checked anyway, but have it taken to the best frame alignment
> place around to see if it can be fixed.  I agree that buckle in the roof
> isn't pretty, but I've seen worse.
> Best of luck.
> Ingo
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>> I wanted to thank everyone on these lists!!!
>> The response was overwhelming. This is truly an extended "family". The
> warm
>> wishes etc. were _greatly_ appreciated and helpful. I would like to
> respond to
>>  everyone, but it's just not possible.
>> I was able to go get a look at the car today, and noticed what looked
>> like
>> the death sentence for the URQ. Even though the impact was a hard side
> blow at
>> the left front wheel area, the roof has a large wrinkle over the driver
> side
>> door. The car appears to have taken a slight horseshoe bend. She took one
>> hell-of-a blow and saved me with just some stiff and sore muscles etc.
>> Insurance hasn't yet had a look at it.
>> I took a few digital pictures, so if someone has a site I could post them
>> on, I'll send them over.
>> Thanks again to everyone!
>> Dennis
>> Denver
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