[urq] Possibly one less URQ update

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Wed Mar 23 22:57:44 EST 2005

Well the  insurance company has made the “offer” on my compromised  URQ. 
I did my  best to explain to the claims officer and the adjuster exactly what 
a Quattro  was, repeatedly stating that a CGT was _not_ the same thing, but 
could detect  that “deer in the headlights” effect even through the  phone. 
He  stated that they had reviewed 4 ads for “your car” in the Denver area, 
and  established a value of $6500. One such ad was for a car in Aurora. There 
is no  URQ for sale in Aurora that I am aware of. Likely a CGT, or a 90 Coupe  
They did  agree to allow me to have the car repaired at our dealership 
Collision Center,  where I can work with friends/coworkers who are eager to help and 
try to get the  car right. They are more than willing to work with me on 
sourcing parts  etc., and I feel better that if we get into any negotiating “issues
”, the repair  shop will be Audi experts. 
On that  note, I need a source and price for a front valance as mine is 
broken.  Anyone? The hood and door will be easy. The roof if they decide to replace 
will  be an issue as this car has no sunroof, which creates a headliner issue 
as  well. 
Our  adjusters and body techs are going to do a teardown to firmly establish “
if”  indeed the car can be brought back to straight at all regardless of  
price.Let  the games begin!
Thanks so  much to everyone for all the kind words concerning the shunt. This 
list  _rocks_!!!!!

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