[urq] Idle/WOT switch caps

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 28 16:08:07 EST 2005

Renneisen, Eric 475 wrote:

>Ah, the album only specified one, so I assumed the caps would snap in
>place on the bracketry.  I guess I'll get a few more of those clips.
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>I haven't reinstalled mine yet, but you need at least four (possibly
>six) of
>the   191 819 145 A    clips to attach the plastic to the metal
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>One of the few cosmetic bits my car was missing was the cover for the
>idle and WOT switches on the side of the throttle body.  The family
>album lists two separate caps for '84 and later cars, so I ordered them
>(less than $3 each!).  I'm not sure what the difference from the '83
>setup is, because all the other parts look the same, except for the idle
>switch that was changed mid-'83.  Now that I have them, I need to figure
>out how they're installed.  There's no obvious way to snap them in
>place.  Anyone have any pictures or descriptions?
>Eric Renneisen
>'93 S4
>'86 urq
>'85 urq
>Chattanooga, TN
There is only one clip holding the plastic cover. It attaches in the 
middle of the bottom of the switches holder. Another type of clip is 
also used to attach the cables. That one attaches into the rectangular 
slot on the side of plastic. Same spot, but on the other side of the 
other clip's place.


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