[urq] Wires at air temp sensor are no longer soldered or connected.

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These were originally hard soldered or welded from the factory, not sure,  
it's impossible to melt the connection with a soldering iron though. The crux of 
 a good connection here is strain relief, normal solder will wick up the wire 
and  make it brittle, it will then be prone to breaking again. Some advocate 
the  putting crimps on the wire then soldering the crimp to the sensor.
I soldered mine back on and then tie wrapped the wire back to the body of  
the sensor leaving a small loop of wire, you could also use a P clip and bolt it 
 to the sensor mounting bolt.
My connection has lasted about 18 yrs like this. I still have the spare  
sensor I bought at the time..
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> USA car DA497.    WHen I pulled of the rubber boot I
> found the wires disconnected  (previously I was getting
> an  open circuit reading at pins 18 and  19).
>  http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/37382/airtempsensor2.jpg
>  I'd be afraid to resolder - as the sensor is reading
> 20 ohms - which  means it might be working.
> What's an ok way to make this  connection?  buy
> something from audi of just get some crimps from  radio
> shack?  Drill a little hole and screw it  together?
> Is this car really old enough to have had  this
> soldered from the factory.  June 82 I think.
>  steve m.

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