[urq] Doing the brake shake...not a dance I enjoy!

Andrew B andrew.sb at gmail.com
Thu May 5 00:08:40 EDT 2005

Well, yes and no.  When my caliper was stuck, I assume it was the heat
of the rotor that would cause the pulsation.  The constant rub of the
pads would cause the rotor to heat up, and then the brakes would
pulse, sometimes even when my foot was off the pedal.

My question for you (both) is, is there a point where the pulsation
stops?  My car would naturally balance at 50mph or higher, the rotors
were turning too fast for it to be felt, but as soon as the speed
dropped, you could feel it again.  However, when it was pulsing, I
could not tell a difference between when I was going fast versus slow,
save for under 10 mph.

If it's only when the brakes are on, it's probably the brakes.  If you
can apply the brakes, heat them up, and you still feel pulsation even
when the brakes are off, your caliper is stuck.  If it's only when the
brakes are on, it's probably a rotor.

I guess it could be more complicated, ie suspension related, but I'd
bet on rotors or calipers.  I would think you'd feel suspension flaws
in normal driving.


On 5/4/05, AudiQtroCp at aol.com <AudiQtroCp at aol.com> wrote:
> Guys, I am experiencing the same shake that was originally described here and
> I have a hard time believing that its as simple as out of balance tires...
> This is a violent shake upon braking, I dont feel the pulsing sensation in
> the pedal as it would normally reflect on the brakes, and it shakes at a rate
> that is independant of wheel speed.
> Warped rotors would pulse slower as the wheel slowed.
> Unbalanced tired would be felt without braking...
> Im not rulling out anything at this point however he's already replaced
> hundreds of $ in parts and still has the problem, Im trying NOT to do that.  ...yet
> sean
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