I do see an inner hose clamp in ETKA: [urq] Right inner cv boot keeps coming off

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 11:41:55 EDT 2005

MG - 4  SG 07 - Illustration 33-00   part labelled 13 - looks like a clamp for the inner boot.  803 407 292.    A few guy said it's a one piece inner boot without a clamp.  I haven't looked at the car yet - mostly because I'm lasy with poor eyesight.  Just food for thought.
My 'top shop'  some folks indicate he's a urq god - but I did find another fellow who wouldn't go back - or send parts there for rebuild.  

Bill Bennett <ur.quattro at verizon.net> wrote:
nope, prolly poor work by a 'top shop', sorry gotta fix this, prolly poor 
quality work by a "top shop" you got screwed, it is a no brainer, and no 
brainer? he worked on your URQ, hopefully out hosing the parking lot now 
with his IQ equal to his age, and not working on URQ's anymore
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From: "steven j" 
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 12:44 PM
Subject: [urq] Right inner cv boot keeps coming off

>I had a 'top shop' replace the right ball joint. 200 miles later I was 
>poking around and saw the inner CV joint boot off on that side. I had a 
>different shop reset the boot. Now I see it's off again (200 miles and 7 
>months later) .
> This should be a no-brainer - or does the urq have some issue with the 
> inner CV boots?
> steve M.
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