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Wylie Bean theringmeister at triad.rr.com
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if you ever wanted an incredibly detailed model of the urq or sportq, here's your shot at prices better than most on ebay.
no affiliation, no relation, just a satisfied customer.  

....i guess I could mention the owner has an ur-S4 if I'm not mistaken.

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      May 6, 2005

      AUTOart SALE 
      For a limited time you can buy selected in stock AutoArt 1/18 Street cars 20% off
      See Below for more details

      SPECIAL OFFER: Now through Wednesday  we are offering 20% off on selected in stock AutoArt 1/18 street cars. (Sale items included)  Item must be in stock, no backorders or pre orders.  Race cars are not included in the sale.  Your shopping cart will NOT show the sale amount, we will apply the discount at the time we process your order.  AutoArt cars in the following categories are included in the sale.  Please note that there are some newly arrived cars in these groups that are EXCLUDED FROM THE SALE.  Excluded cars will be clearly identified.  Click on any of the following:

      Alfa Romeo   click  http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_alfa_romeo.htm
      Audi click  http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_audi.htm
      Austin Healey http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_austin_healey.htm
      BMW click  http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_bmw.htm
      Corvette Click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_corvette.htm
      Jaguar click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_jaguar.htm
      Subaru click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_subaru.htm
      Mini Cooper  click  http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_mini_cooper.htm
      Chrysler  click  http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_chrysler.htm
      Honda click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_honda.htm
      Lotus click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_lotus.htm
      Mustang click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_mustang.htm
      Mazda click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_mazda.htm
      MG click   http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_mg.htm
      Jeep Cherokee http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_jeep.htm
      Lamborghini click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_lamborghini.htm
      Volkswagen click http://www.sportcraftcars.com/autoart_street_vw.htm

      Also, check out our web site as we have added a much more user friendly menu that we are sure you will like.  We have eliminated the old menu and provided a much better way to browse and search our site for your favorite products.

      The following specials are carried over from last month's newsletter.

      1.  For open wheel race fans check out our big sale on IndyRacing League (IRL) 1/18 Diecast, both Action and Greenlight cars on Sale!!! While supplies last.  GreenLight Indy Diecast model cars

       2.  We have also discounted most of our in-stock 1/43 Minichamp street Porsches, with most prices reduced to $27.95 while supplies last.  .Minichamps 1/43 Street and Road cars 

       3.  Check out our GREAT Prices on select in-stock 1/18 Lane Products, Camaros, Chevelles, and Oldsmobiles, Reduced $20.00 while supplies last.  Lane Automotive Miniatures 


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