[urq] 84 urq fuel adjustments and hose search

todd ward ltw0808 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 16:03:29 EDT 2005

Well, I seem to have gotten her starting and the fuel
pump was not the culprit. But she's running really
rich. I would like to know how to adjust fuel mixture
using the 3mm long allen wrench. How do I set it at
factory specs? Also the adjusting screw on the front
of the intake and throttle body has been broken to the
point I can't move it. Is this just a normal screw
that I can Easy Out and replace. Or is it a special
order. Last but most expensive, the T'eed hose off the
intake manifold {Large hose with small T that runs
back along IM} any ideas where to find one besides the
stealership. Mine seems to be collapsing on itself
under throttle. Thanks Ahead of Time for the Help. Todd

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