[urq] Brake Booster

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Thu May 12 17:18:41 EDT 2005

Disconnect the booster return hose from container (aka servo) and put a plug 
in there! Run engine for a couple of minutes and see if booster drops fluid. 
Lot's of is leaking booster. CAREFULL, DON"T TOUCH THE BRAKES OR STEERING 
WHEEL!!!. A small amount is ok. (say 1 drip every 10 sec.). If not 
satisfied, leave this setup (engine off) and look again the next morning, if 
the amount of fluid is like in this picture, the booster is allright: 

PS There's an excelent translation of this test on 

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OK, I've replaced everything that has to do with the brakes, except for the
Brake Booster. Calipers, G60's up front, 4000Q's in the rear, master 
SS lines, brake bias unit, the bomb and the unit under the bomb. I realize
that they are NLA, but the ETKA shows two part numbers for the Brake 
857612107A and 859612107. I was told that the 107A unit is available. Will 
work in my early build 83 #459? I've replaced the parts a a preventative
measure, and the brakes work ok, but they feel a bit spongey even after 
bleeding and
replacing the brake fluid. What tells me that the Booster could be on it's
way out is that I see a small amount of ATF leaking on the screw/stop 
located on
the bottom of the booster. Any suggestions?

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