[urq] time delay relays

Alan Pemberton alan_pemberton at telus.net
Sun May 15 22:37:38 EDT 2005


I have added the following timer to the injector fan circuit to extend the
running period:


It has many different timing modes and I use one where the timer is
triggered when the thermoswitch would normally stop the fan.  The timing
interval can be varied.  The timer works fine but I need to have the fan
come on earlier as well - another project for later.

Alan Pemberton
85 urq (Canadian)

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> Hey guys, I remember seeing or hearing about a timer/relay that someone
> using ( I think it might have been Dennis) to control certain cooling fans
> independantly from / or to override the thermo-switches.
> A look on the web showed millions of commercial entities making these in
> shapes or forms, I want the easier way out though.
> Anyone have some ideas?
> sean
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