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spot.ontheroad spot.ontheroad at virgin.net
Wed May 18 17:10:53 EDT 2005

A while back (early April) I asked for help identifying what hub to use in fitting a Personal/Nardi 3 spoke Audi Sport Steeriing wheel to my '87 WR.
I just want to say thanks to all those who replied. Some of the advice entailed re-drilling a momo hub. Well I can now give the definitive (I think) reply as to what fits.
The Momo hub re-drilled will work but I was not confident enough about getting right after picking up the said hub on Ebay (Thanks for the pointer, Ingo).
The Hub from an 80 sport (the most common source of these wheels in the UK) will fit, but will have an eliptical rotation and the horn contact is the wrong way round - pin on wheel and ring on column whereas the quattro is ring on wheel and spring contact on column.
I am reliably informed that you can no longer get Nardi/Personal Hubs (unless someone has ond stock).
The hub I found that does the trick is made by Simoni Racing in Italy. It has the part number 
524.147 - at least that's what it said on the box. You can be sure it is the right one if it has 021L stamped on the rim of the hub. The only downside of using this hub is that it makes the wheel sit very slightly further away from the dash and the indicator stalk so you have to stretch your digits a bit but the plus side is that it moves the wheel away from your knees and makes it more comfortable to drive.
I have found a supplier in the UK if anyone else needs one. The other thing is that this hub is double drilled to take Momo wheels too.
So there we are. My WR now has a fine looking Audi Sport wheel that feels great and has made driving more comfortable in to the bargain.
Thanks again.


'87 WR

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