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I recall having a few cars with failing O2 sensors that made the engine
sound like it was coming apart.  I kid not!   Different engine - KX in 4000
quattro - I have seen this at least in 2 different cars.  The engine sounded
like it was throwing a rod or had dropped a valve.  One minute everything
was fine then it would start knocking.

I discovered that disconnecting the O2 sensor resolved the problem followed
by O2 sensor replacement.  Could be the trouble with yours - worth a try


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> Is your boost gauge working properly/idling normally?  I recently blew the
> hose from the IM to the ECU, and the result was timing that was wayy
> advanced, causing pinging similar to how yours sounds.
> HTH,
> Jim
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> It sounds like you have too much advance - for some reason the engine has
> started detonating.  I don't know how this might happen, as the timing is
> set by the ECU and the hall sensor is either in window (OK) or not (car
> won't run).
> Maybe, the timing belt has slipped. in which case this might be the exact
> symptom and you are actually lucky for the warning sign of impending doom.
> So I'd start by checking the timing belt is OK/NotOK and averything that
> falls out Crank Pully, Cam Sprocket and distributor are where they should
> with respect to each other.
> You can do a T-Belt job in under a day and still make it to the show!  Let
> us know what you find.
> Ben
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> Looks like one less urq at Carlisle..!
> So here I am last night, zipping down the highway on the way to my
> shop, to replace a broken subframe bolt. (That broke, when I was checking
> the tightness of the subframe bolts, trying to find the 'creaking noise'
> that I heard occasionally).
> I hear a funny noise, so I back off. Stand on it again, noise comes back.
> Ohoh! Not good!  Pull over, and pop the hood. Sounds OK idling, but maybe
> bit more 'lumpy' than normal. Give the throttle a quick crack, and a nasty
> noise!
> Sounds like the man with hammers is beatinig on the pistons. Very 'sharp'
> metallic sound, similar to the 'pinging' sound you get when running WAY
> much advance.  Except this is happening just by giving the throttle a good
> crack..
> Drove it home very carefully. Noise would only happen under load, and
> to 'kind of, sort of' miss at the same time. Wouldn't take much load to
> this to happen.
> However, at light load and more rev's, no noise.
> I'm at a bit of a loss to figure this one out.
> I'm thinking if it's a rod end, I'd be LESS likely to hear the noise under
> load, and more likely to hear it as the motor is on overun. BUt then,
> anything is possible, right?
> I'm also wondering about the possiblilty that the ECU has gone wonky, and
> IS a case of massive advance?
> When I get home tonight, I'll be checking with the timing light, and maybe
> the 'pull one plug at a time' teast, to see if it's one cylnder doing this
> (Which is what it sounds like).
> Or maybe it's something stupid, like the flywheel coming loose? Anyone
> have that happen? From the general condition of the urq when I got it, I'd
> beleive ANYTHING is possible..!
> So, If you have any ideas let me know. IF it's not an easy fix, it's the
> 4000q to Carlisle. Not as much fun, but way more reliable!
> Rgards,
> =Frank de Kat=]
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