[urq] Sport Quattro Brakes

Jack Walker JackW at ihco.com
Wed May 18 16:03:43 EDT 2005

I've been diving through the archives and can't seem to find anything on
the Sport Quattro brake setups. 


I'm getting along on my conversion of the AAN into the UrQ. I'm happy
for track days with going to a 993tt setup, have found some 993tt
calipers and rotors at really good prices, brackets and hats aren't a
problem, and I have 3 sets of 17" wheels I can use. Although seeing the
15 x 8 Ronals sitting in the corner of the garage kinda makes me think
about looking at the SQ setup. Plus I found some cheap Hooiser Rains for
$400 of the set (brand new 205/50-15s).


Who has experience with the setup, where can I get pricing, what do I
have to do to make it fit?


Jack Walker

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