[urq] subframe perhaps?

Johan H milisen at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 1 01:22:47 EST 2005

Thanks Keith,

Will have a look at the steering rack this week.

I thought this clunk was so weird because all the bushes and all the ball 
joints are changed quite recently. The weird thing is that the car doesen't 
wander around at all.

I'll keep you guys updated when I find the fault.

Johan Hisinger
Helsinki, Finland

I have had a further thought about this and am fairly sure I traced the 
noise eventually to the steering rack. Has your car had a hard life? If you 
grab hold of the rack at the point where the two tie rods are attached and 
lift it up and down there should be no play in it. If you can feel movement 
you will get a clunk over even small changes in surface. It is time to get 
the rack reconditioned.

If you decide to renew the subframe bushes the quickest way to do it is to 
get another subframe from a donor car - from a scrapyard perhaps? - (the 
coupe quattro subframe is identical) and put the new bushes in this, then 
simply swap the subframes. It will save loads of time because removing the 
old bushes is a hell of a job.

All the best


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