[urq] The headlight mod.

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
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Are you sure about the way it was before?  I'm pretty sure that on my
earlier '83 and I know on my '84 that only the parking lights come on with
the ignition turned off and wrt headlights, only flash-to-pass works.  This
has been an energy-saving feature of VW/Audi for a long time.  Sounds like
you fixed things right to me :-)

Enjoy the lights.


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> The nights are closing in and I am scared to drive too fast in case I blow
the candles out so I have finally got around to finishing the headlight mod
whereby you run power to remote relays and use the old headlight feed just
to trigger the relays. The idea being that you overcome the inherent voltage
drop of the original wiring.
> What I have done is run two feed wires from the alternator to a new fuse
board. From this the power goes to new relays, the power to energise the
relays coming from the old feed to the nearside headlight. The wiring going
out to the headlights (main and dip) is a stripped down version of the
headlight loom from a donor car - this meant that none of the original
wiring has had to be cut. If it doesn't work out I can put it back to
standard and drive slowly again.
> I'm not sure about the results so far.
> The lights are noticeably brighter but the light switch does something I
don't understand. It is the end of the day, it just started raining on me as
I was clearing up and my brain is dead.
> Before I did this the light switch worked as follows:
> Ignition off. Turn switch and side lights came on, Turn it further and dip
beam came on, pull dip stalk and main beam would come on.
> Now:
> Ignition off. Turn switch and side lights come on. Turn it further and no
dip beam and no main beam other than the ability to flash the lights.
> Ignition on. Turn switch and side lights come on. Turn it again and dip
beam comes on, pull dip stalk and main beam comes on.
> Question: why is it that dip and main no longer come on without the
ignition? Is it because their power now comes from the alternator rather
than the battery via the main fuse box?
> I'm too tired to work it out.
> Apart form that the lights seem to work fine.
> Any pointers gratefully received.
> Many thanks
> Keith
> '87 WR
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