[urq] One Audi is now two Audis

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 23:27:23 EST 2005

To keep my Urq out of a daily driver role, I had been rolling around
in a barely functional '91 Ford Escort wagon (think engine and
transmission and not much else, heck, the manual crank windows didn't
even work) that I was getting more than a little sick of.

An opportunity presented itself in the form of a '93 100CSq wagon last
week.  The best part: I got it for $4400.  Part of my negotiation was
information from my mechanic that the valve cover and cam seals were
definitely leaking, but that the head gasket might be as well (oil in
the valley between the cylinder banks), and that if he was going to
pull off part of the top end, that would be the time do take care of
it.  I informed the owner of this, and she agreed to drop the price
from $5000.

When I went over the service records today though, I find that a
reputable import shop here in town decked the heads and replaced the
gaskets a mere 7000 miles ago, and did a timing belt and water pump
while they were at it.  So the $1500 I anticipated having to put into
it is probably more like $500.

Anyone else here keep a C4 series car around for when they're not
driving their quattro?

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