[urq] Injector Cooling Shroud

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Wed Nov 9 11:22:08 EST 2005


Good luck finding one that is not broken. As far as I know I 
bought the last one for a WR/WX from Germany, new ones including 
the ones for the MB are now unobtanium.

regards, Mike

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Hi Guys,

My urq came with the injector cooling shroud (that plastic piece that
sits atop the valve cover and distributes cooling air to the injectors)
from a type 44.  This piece is longer than the urq version, and
therefore restricts air flow due to the incorrect fit of the cooling
hose from the injector cooling fan.  Anyone have a proper urq shroud
that they'd be willing to part with, maybe leftover from an efi or 20v
conversion?  Likewise, anyone know of any suppliers that might have one?
Audi claims to still have them available, but no one can seem to locate

TIA as always,
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