[urq] exhaust bolts/nuts

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Thu Nov 10 12:18:44 EST 2005


I get exact same thing on my car in the rain.
I do have new dounuts in my system.. however I do not think mine is adjusted properly.. I will have to loosen and reposition to account for the reaction during heavy rain.
One of my 4kq used to do that as well.. 

Martin Pajak


1982 Audi Ur-quattro (50,000 mi) new project
1985 Audi Ur-quattro (203,000 km) Euro spec. import mit 3B ;o) 
1987 Audi 4000s quattro (195,000 km) winter car 

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From: "Renneisen, Eric      475" <Eric.Renneisen at CIGNA.com>
Date:  Thu, 10 Nov 2005 11:55:35 -0500

>Brandon Rogers wrote:
>> The exhaust bolts/nuts on DP>cat and cat>center pipe seem 
>> to loosen up once it all warms up - ends up rattling at high 
>> rpm (most notably on shifts).
>I have problem in the same area.  I have the factory test pipe instead
>of a cat.  Everything's fine unless I drive through heavy rain.  I
>suspect that the RF tire is throwing rainwater onto the exhaust and
>causing it to shift around due to uneven heating/cooling.  It opens up
>one of the connections to the test pipe, causing a loud exhaust leak.
>It goes away as soon as I slow down, or if the rain lightens up.  I've
>already tightened the bolts as far as I dare.  My next thought is to
>replace the donut gaskets, but I'm not confident that'll do it.
>'86 urq
>'93 S4

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