[urq] Dashboard refurbish : is it possible ?

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Sat Nov 12 07:03:58 EST 2005

What about the "carbon" look, like they do in every "pimp my ride" episode?


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Louis-Alain Richard wrote:
 > Men of all solutions, I need your help.

There are a few women on the list...

 > I had this idea: remove all the dash panels, bring them
 > in the shop and cover them with a thin layer of material.

My 2 cents says that, no matter what you cover the dash
with, new cracks will occur underneath the cover layer
and then show through it.

For another 2 cents, I'll offer this:  take the dash pieces out,
create molds of them, clean up the molds to hide the cracks, then
create new pieces in glass fiber.  But that is probably more work
than you want. If not, do a Google search on: fiberglass mold
techniques.  Carbon fiber dash, anyone?

Kent McLean
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