[urq] Dashboard refurbish : is it possible ?

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Sun Nov 13 01:31:29 EST 2005

naw, my black bitch still has the OE dash, no cracks. period, of course she 
only sees daylight on weekends, I do have two late style type 85 dashes with 
wiring and consol in the attic waiting for a crack for use in my Son's '86 
4000CSQT or my bitch. Bill
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Subject: [urq] Dashboard refurbish : is it possible ?

> Men of all solutions, I need your help.
> My 1983 Quattro was one of the last with an uncracked early dash. Now, the
> first crack has appeared, to my dismay.
> I know the "easy" solution: replace the old-style, ugly, brown, 
> rattle-prone
> dashboard with the newer style 4000Q or Coupe GT unit. I don't want to do
> that. There is also a dashpad, a molded cover that Brady calls "the fur",
> that can mask the top of the dash. I don't want that either.
> Since I have plenty of time and not much money (Renault contract is over,
> and I will babysit lil' Estelle for the majority of winter), I had this
> idea: remove all the dash panels, bring them in the shop and cover them 
> with
> a thin layer of material.
> This material can be anything, but here is what came to my mind :
> 1- brown vinyl,
> 2- alcantara,
> 3- genuine leather,
> 4- any fabric that will not look out of place on a car dashboard.
> So, my question is : is it feasible ?
> Any one has tried that in another life ? Which material could be supple
> enough ? Which glue ?
> The shape of the dash itself is kinda rectilinear, except for the air vent
> openings that will be problematic. For a schematic of the dash,
> http://filebox.vt.edu/users/rfitton/ETKA/8_57_84-00.pdf.
> In fact, only the upper part is in need of TLC. Item 33 will get its part
> too, and 8, 9 and 28 could be included.
> Thanks in advance,
> Louis-Alain
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