[urq] Hi Pressure PS hose

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Mon Nov 14 14:55:53 EST 2005

You can also remove the isolators and mount the hydraulic manifold directly to the motor mount bracket (BTDT).
This makes the whole thing a lot more stable so you can tighten all the fasteners.  I don't remember if more than one bolt will line up though.. 

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>I'm trying to replace the high pressure hose (from Pump to Bomb) and am struggling with the 24mm banjo bolt on the Bomb side.  
>The bomb moves around quite a bit on the rubber cushions- I've stuck a few big thick washers in between the two plates to keep it from squishing down, and I've tried using a really big pair channel locks to keep the other side from rising - to no avail.  Ben suggested I remove the bomb for more access - I will try this - any other ideas?  Air tools? - have yet to try an impact wrench but with the tie rod it may be too tight anyway...
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