[urq] URQ intermittant duty cycle

Gary Brown gmbchef at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 16 08:18:19 EST 2005

 Is this happening while the car is sitting and idling? Or when you drive

Mine was doing this and driving me crazy for 2 years. In my case it was my
idle mixture screw being so loose it was turning on it's own from vibration
and playing tricks with the mixture.

  How I discovered it was by turning the screw all the way CCW until it
stopped, then counted how many turns until the duty cycle was correct. To
keep it from vibrating itself in either direction, I removed it and scraped
a small screwdriver down the threads. It now holds tight and hasn't budged

 I think. I haven't driven the car since April 1st nor even heard it run!
That's another story altogether!



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