[urq] Re: [s-cars] ADMIN: Audifans system outage

Brady Moffatt brady at regal-mtl.com
Wed Nov 16 10:47:43 EST 2005

Yeah, Brett, come on! We haven't had anything to complain about, list-wise,
for ages. Thanks for giving us something to whine about.

Seriously, thank you so much. We, or at least I, easily forget that there is
work to be done behind the scenes to keep these lists and site working
seamlessly day after day.


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From: Joe Pizzimenti [mailto:joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com]

Cool, keep up the good work!


PS - Bet you weren't expecting that from me.

On 11/15/05, Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> Last night we discovered major problems with the Audifans server.
> Working through a good part of the night and most of today, I've got
> things back up and running, but we will need to take it down for
> repairs later this week.
> New anti-spam measures on Audifans mean that you may occasionally
> notice a delay of 5-15 minutes before your message is distributed via
> the list, possibly longer depending upon your internet service
> provider. In most cases this should only happen once in a blue moon.
> Brett

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