[urq] 83 URQ WX No Start, No Spark

Justin Riley jriley at ctiusa.com
Thu Nov 17 10:50:34 EST 2005

A bad ignition switch can play havoc with no / hard starting.  I had one with a crack that allowed the starter to turn, but would not supply voltage to the coil/computer while cranking.  Check for voltage on the coil while you are turning the car over with the starter.
-Justin Riley


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Hello everyone,

My 1983 will not start due to no spark.  Mechanical timing and ignition timing are correct. The fuel system and CIS has been verified as fully functional.  As far as no spark goes, originally the coil's secondary resistance was incorrect (3100 Ohms vs spec 6300 to 9200). Ignition coil has been replaced with new.
Power and ground at ECU good.
Wiring to speed and reference sensors good, I don't have an LED tester to check function,
Voltage supply correct at Hall sender
Power and ground at ignition control unit good (we call these telenfunken's on VW's, this one in the glovebox also called Hall Control Unit)
New spark plug wires and plugs, cap and rotor, new starter, alternator, fuel pump, filters and accumulator, new CIS injectors, O2 sensor, ignition switch.

The ignition control unit test involves using a 1.5v battery through terminal 17 on ECU multiplug to spark the coil wire to ground.  This one sounds a little crazy to me. 

So my question is, which has the greatest tendancy to fail, Hall Sender, Hall Control Unit, ECU (mine has blue sticker and was chipped a long time ago by Sport Wheels in Colorado Springs (John Beckius?) no clue what type of chip.

I have a new distributor also, but must update the plug connector to the rectangle from the oval style plug, and I don't have one.

Thanks for your time,

Jason Rivkin
Silverthorne CO
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