[urq] Radiator cap-off

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Nov 17 15:38:28 EST 2005

I'll be using a 4kq lower rad hose I think - one that eliminates that branch 
to the aux rad anyway.  I bought one and it look like it basically matches 
up - the angle of the section that connects to the t-stat housing seems a 
little different...

I just need to cap of the two upper fittings on the rad...

looks like I'll use a copper cap inside a very short section of tubing for 
the big one - suggested by a couple Listers.



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> Ed,
> You can't do that.. it will by pass the coolant basically making the whole 
> purpose of the nice expensive rad obsolete..
> One of our guys has almost overheated his motor by doing that.
> You can do that as long as you have a valve or some sort of a blockage in 
> the middle of the loop to prevent the coolant from bypassing the rad BTDT 
> on my '85.
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>>I assume you've thought of and are opposed to just looping the two outlets
>>with a single 180-degree curved hose?
>> Ed
>> On 11/17/05, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
>>> Guys-
>>> I'm going to delete the aux rad with my new alum rad setup and last week
>>> purchased some silicon caps for the two upper fittings. When they 
>>> arrived
>>> they were thinner and more flexible than I hoped. Other than welding 
>>> (which
>>> I really want to avoid - I'd like to be able to re-install aux if need 
>>> be -
>>> if water temps climb this summer while driving slow with A/C) - do you 
>>> have
>>> other suggestions?
>>> Ideally I'd like a cap made of rad hose material. Fittings are 1" and 
>>> 1/4"
>>> - 5/16"
>>> Thanks-
>>> Brandon
>>> '84 ur
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