[urq] Why can't Audi do this for the Urq??

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Fri Nov 18 17:39:44 EST 2005

Sorry, no online article as yet.  The November 21st issue of Autoweek has a
short article on page 8 titled "Cataloging BMW's Past" that describes BMW
Mobile Tradition's living exhibit where "you can watch two craftsmen build a
"1973 tii" from the tires up, using the Mobile Tradition's catalog of
original parts."

It goes on to say, "nearly 90 percent of all 2002 parts are available."

That's the 1973 BMW 2002 tii folks.  Why can't Audi do the same for the Urq?

Anyhow, interesting read.  Estimated cost to build a 1973 2002 tii?

'91 v8 pearl quattro 5-Speed (not exactly stock) :-)
'84 Tornado Red Urquattro

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