[urq] 80tq: Update, 599.1whp and 11.9@125.1MPH

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Sat Nov 19 14:43:54 EST 2005

Hey all, been a while for an update on the project.  Since the last update a few things have changed, most notable:
-Garrett GT40R turbo, capable of about 750+HP worth of flow.
-034Motorsport Intake manifold that relocates the TB to the drivers side and has a much larger plenum volume.
-Slightly reconfigured intercooler entanks with dual 2.5" inlet and single 3" outlet.
-Production 034Motorsport 20v Header.
-New 8050 RPM Revlimit, up from 7600, on stock Audi Hydraulic lifters and 7A cams, HD valve springs.
-Custom 034MS/SPEC Stage 5 Sintered Iron Clutch, rated for 850ft/lbs TQ.
-Still running an 034EFI Stage IIc.
That's about it  =)
The idea for this round of upgrades was to see what a larger, more efficient turbo would do with essentially the same motor configuration (aside from the Intake Manifold).  The last turbo, basically a Garrett T61 struggled above 30psi boost and would not hold boost to redline.  The GT40R is a modern marvel with dual steel ball bearings, highly efficient turbine and compressor wheels and a more or less surge-proof design.  Where the T61 was hitting at 5500 rpm, the 40R with 23mm LARGER turbine wheel spools up 500RPM sooner!  Where the T61 surged violenty at 4500rpm, the 40R refuses to surge in 1-4 gears, and gives a slight (shhhhhhHHHH) when passing 5krpm loaded up in 5th, not even enough to make the boost gauge needle quiver.  Also, the 40R is capable of 36psi and over 60lb per minute.  So, basically, I had to have it ;)
I modified the header (with the help of Trevor Frank, thanks buddy!  ;), the result is quite marvelous.  Boost comes on sooner, the turbo continues to spin between shifts, makes more power and can hold 36psi to 7500rpm.  The new revlimit is also quite amazing, from 7-8krpm the acceleration is mind numbing, literally.  Its all you can do to hold onto the steering wheel and anticipate the revlimiter, 4th and 5th gear accelerate harder than 3rd, I estimate 100-140mph in about 4-5 seconds.  4th gear now runs to 130mph, haven't topped out 5th yet for obvious reasons, aren't' too many places you can drive a car that accelerates this hard.
On the dyno the motor responded very well, the result was 599.1whp at about 35psi on 104 octane, about 23d timing at peak TQ ramping up to 33d or so at 8krpm.  The car shakes the entire building, its pretty awe inspiring to stand next to a car making so much power and accelerating so hard.  The dyno was a Mustang dyno.
We took it to the 1/4 mile last week, out of 4 runs it bested an 11.941 at 125.179 mph, a so so 1.92 sec 60' time ( http://www.80tq.com/images/20vt/80tq40rPics/80tq_11.9.jpg.jpg ).  It spins the wheels through the traps, but at this point, not enough to hurt acceleration.  3rd gear is VERY squirly and required steering corrections.  We towed the car to the track because you never know what can happen, but it was uneventful, pulled it off the trailer, did 5 hard pulls, drove it back on the trailer and home, didn't touch the car, this is with a full interior, etc.
FYI, take note, this sort of power and acceleration is cycling through a stock Audi 80 Quattro tranny and Torsen drivetrain (no "spider bite" as of yet!  ;)
This car is VERY laggy, no boost below 4500rpm, but when it comes into boost it makes up for it, the powerband is basically 5-8k RPM, not bad for 3krpm of 400+WHP acceleration.
Feel free to check out new pics and videos at: http://www.80tq.com/20vtMotor.html
We'll be out at Thunderhill and Laguna Seca this spring at Q-club events with the car, come out and say hi, we'll be giving rides in it as well.
Any questions/comments/jeers feel free to respond, I'm not receiving list mail currently, so be sure to CC me on replies.
Javad Shadzi

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