[urq] Injectors out under boost?

fdekat fdekat at sentex.net
Mon Oct 3 09:57:35 EDT 2005

HAs anyone ever had a CIS injector sort of 'come loose' under boost?

I'm trying to sout out a 'miss' under boost. After a long pull under boost
(Say a big hill), I get a condition where the motor sounds sort of like a
miss, and I can smell  LOTS of fuel. The sound when this 'miss' happens is
sort of like a long running mellow fart, for lack of any better explantion..!

The plastic 'shround' that is supposed to cool the injuctors is 'sort of' in
place, but since it's been broken (aren't that all?), I'm not sure it's doing
an effective job of holding in the injectors..

My theory is that an injector may be coming out just enough to let boost air
(and fuel) out past the injector. THat would explain the miss, and the fuel
smell.  Repeated attempts at full throttle then can provoke the miss with ANY
boost (as I figure the injector still could be loose)

After letting off for a bit, the vacuum in the intake pulls the injector back
in, and things are good again.

So, if anyone has had an injector come out, what were the symptoms? Similar
at all?

(A further detail: the MC motor has the original WX 'non shrouded' injectors
in it. Maybe a case of them not matching the MC's head shrouded injector
holders correctly?)

And second, does my theory even make sense?

( I was thinking of testing my theory by removing the plastic injector
shround completely, and seeing if an injector pops right out. But the thought
of fuel spraying everywhere on the hot motor if an injector pops out makes me
think that's not such a good idea!  Maybe just replacing the injector o


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