[urq] Wiper Switch or Relay Problem

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 17:37:48 EDT 2005

 It's finally gotten rainy here in Seattle and now my wipers are acting up.
The intermitant will work fine for a few minutes and then start to wipe 2 or
3 times before taking the timeout. And it also seems to start the wipers up
the window 2 or 3 inches before stopping them. When it's working right, they
stop right at the bottom after just one wipe.
 Also, when I just tap up on the stalk from the off position, they used to
do one full wipe. Now they will stop right where I release the stalk. So I
have to hold the stalk up a little bit for the full cycle and release it
right at the bottom where I want them to park.
 Do these problems sound like a bad switch or a bad relay?

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