[urq] "new" AWD systems (was: Mark Komanecky?)

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 16:05:42 EDT 2005

I've always found it very interesting that what was basically the first stab
at a mass-production AWD system was very close to perfect right out of the
gate. I know that our Audis are not famed for their reliability, but I don't
feel like I hear about the AWD system crapping out on people very often, if
at all. The torque split issue has evolved since then, and fancy electron
differentials have increased the performance of AWD (e.g. the Japanese/Euro
version of the Mitsu Lancer Evo), but it doesn't seem like anyone has been
able to substantively improve on the original design as built by Audi.

On 10/19/05, Pasqualoni, James E <james.pasqualoni at gs.com> wrote:
> Looks like you might be partially right. Watch the film on xDrive at this
> link-you can clearly see a transfer case hanging off the side of the
> tranny...
> http://www.bmwusa.com/bmwexperience/BmwInDepth/BMWTechnology/Handling.htm?id
> =14
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> Do BMW still have a big transfer case hanging off the side of the tranny,
> and halfshafts through the oilpan?
> Cheers,
> Brady
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> So I have to laugh at each "new" "patented" AWD system.
> The latest is BMW's xDrive. It's patented you know. Varies torque
> infinitely. Starts at 35/65 f/r. Gee, ground breaking marketing, eh?
> When was Quattro first mass produced? 1980?
> I tried unsuccessfully to find some sort of technical review of xDrive.
> I think the term "xDrive" is the only thing patented.
> Ed
> *sigh*
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