[urq] -88 MB urq & V.A.G. 1552

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Wed Oct 19 17:49:37 EDT 2005

In North America it connects to the 'generic' 16-pin Data Link Connector, introduced in 
1996 "OBDII"-equipped vehicles, which is usually located under the dash somewhere near the 
steering column of kick panel.  No idea whether European and/or Finnish vehicles have such 
a thing, whether there's a different connector, etc.

The earlier, larger VAG1551 used a different adapter for different connectors pre-'96, but 
I'm not sure the VAg1552 ever did.


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Thanks Jim,

will pull the codes tomorrow... Does anyone know if it is possible to use
the VAG 1552 unit for this?

I think it would be easier if you could see the codes directly from the LCD
screen. Not a big deal but when I have one of these units I'd like to use
it, but I do not know where to plug it in.

Best regards,
Johan Hisinger
Helsinki, Finland

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