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j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 20 08:16:14 EDT 2005

The ur-quattro *was* an unbelievable start (no transfer case, etc.), with a handful of 
world rally championships to show for it, but certainly 25 years, electronically 
controlled diffs, etc., have moved the goal posts.  Audi's pretty well drifted away from 
serious, competition-oriented development.  Does anyone know what the late-'90s A4 Touring 
cars or Champion's RS6s were running for diffs?  ...or of any world-class competition uses 
of the Haldex system (Skoda?)?

Oh, and just 'cause I haven't seen it here yet... some also refer to them as *vicious* 


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The talon awd and suby viscunt coupling I hated, you are better off with 2wd and traction 

... evolution of the world rally cars awd systems 

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