[urq] I GOTTA JOB!!!!!

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Thu Oct 20 12:03:20 EDT 2005

Congrats! I'm assuming you don't have to relocate. Schweeet!
 LL - NY

 On 10/20/05, AUDIJIM at aol.com <AUDIJIM at aol.com> wrote:
> At long last, I have been offered a job. I can now say good-bye to
> Northwest
> Airlines (Northworst) forever. I will miss all the friends I worked with
> for
> 11 years. I will also miss working on aircraft for a living. Yesterday I
> went
> for my drug screen and company physical/health examination. I have a start
> date
> of 07 NOV. Now I can stop thinking about selling my UrQuattro and 4000cs Q
> and all the other high dollar Audi parts I have accumulated since my Audi
> disease started. I want to thank you all for giving your support when I
> first posted
> that we went on strike and I was out of a job. The Audi lists I belong to
> are
> like a virtual second family of mine, and your kind words and efforts in
> my
> time of need really helped me out.
> Thank you,
> Jim Furdyn
> 1983 UrQuattro #170 (I can keep it!)
> 1987 4000cs Q (I can keep it!)
> 1987 Euro 200/5000cs TQ 284,000 miles
> 1996 A6 Quattro Avant
> 1987 Mercedes Benz Truck model 1219
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