[urq] Wiring diagram

Mike Bond mike at crunkenergydrink.com
Fri Oct 21 12:55:23 EDT 2005

Patient: 83 UrQ
Has anybody heard about wiring issues with these cars?  Ha - JK

Here's the deal, my 83 has been under construction for 2 years originally
going in to get the prop shaft rebuilt and ending up with WR head/cam, multi
layer HG, APR studs, 034 SS header, 034 SS DP, 034EFI IIC, T3/T4 turbo,
DelTergo brake upgrade, with S4 rears, 2B radiator, 4K IM with VR6 TB,
Innovative LM-1 O2 system, Blitzcat short shifter and a rebuilt prop shaft.

Excited with the prospect of starting I connected the battery and noticed
the radiator fan came on at full speed any time the key is on?  What
sensors/locations control this?  I know there is the large thermo sensor on
the bottom back of the radiator that seems correctly connected.  Is there an
after-run switch somewhere that may not be connected?

After some digging it appears that this will be only the beginning, as the
wiring harness that runs from underneath the dash and towards the back seems
to be partially melted :(

Does anyone have a "early UrQ wiring diagram for dummies"?  Bentley seems to
be for 85-86?

Mike Bond


1983 UrQ EFI project
1992 Lexus SC400 50k miles
2002 Audi A4 1.8T
2002 GMC Yukon
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