[urq] Saw a french Quattro today...

Lino M. Valadas l.valadas at rogers.com
Tue Sep 6 18:45:35 EDT 2005

Thanks for the update Louis-Alain

Hope you get to meet the owner.

BTW, you will be "unpleasantly" surprised to find the cost of gas at home to
be $1.41 for one litre of Shell gold.  It cost me $90.00 to fill up today in
Ajax, Ontario.  :-(  (All Canadian dollars)

Have great time



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It is a genuine early Quattro, a lot like Martin P's car, dark silver with
painted spoiler, slanted Cibié and 8 inch Ronals. I couldn't access the rear
of the car to see the trunk logos, so I am not sure which model it is. I
will go again this week, trying to meet the owner. The car is in Bougival, a
very high-class suburb of Paris where my hotel is located.

BTW, it was Honey who saw the car first, when she was taking a walk with my
little girl around the hotel. She has a good sight !

Just to let you know how special it is to see a car like this here, premium
gas is at 1.50 euros a liter, that is 5.70 euros a gallon, or, in canadian
dollars, 9.70 CAN$ a gallon ! For us Canadians, that is 2.55 CAN$ a liter,
twice what we pay now...

But then, in that suburb, a nice little house is 400 000 euros, and there is
no garage ! I guess I don't have the means to live there...

in Paris, driving a very powerful Renault Modus 1.2 75 hp...

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