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I know of this page: http://www.s2central.net/option_frame.html for 80/90's
option codes that you can be read off the owners manual or the sticker in
the trunk.  It might be the same codes as the A4, however, not likely.


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> All I seem to be doing lately is asking questions about things that have
appeared in past postings that I didn't take enough notice of at the time.
> Am I right in believing someone put up a posting suggesting there was a
website where you could enter the VIN of an Audi and check the spec it left
the factory with etc?
> The reason?
> I am looking for a new school bus for my beloved to replace her ageing 100
Avant and went to look at a 1998 A4 1.8T Avant Sport today. It had The
alloys, the sport seats and the sport steering wheel but did not seem to sit
as low as I expected given that the "Sport" pack cars were supposed to have
had a slightly lower suspension. I'm a bit suspicious and would like to
check it out.
> Also I'd be curious the learn what extras my WR had when it left the
Fatherland back in 1987.
> If I have been dreaming this and there has been no such posting does
anyone know how receptive Audi dealers are to this sort of request?
> Many thanks
> Keith
> '87 WR
> p.s. Tonight in the village shop a guy asked if it was my quattro parked
outside. I replied that it was. He said he had one years ago, an '84 WR and
said that mine was one of the best he had seen. He also said he wished he'd
never sold his.
> Makes you feel good driving an 18 year old design icon.
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